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Kevin Bacon & Jimmy Fallon Rock Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun" Cover

Kevin Bacon & Jimmy Fallon Rock Beach Boys’ “Fun, Fun, Fun” Cover

One of the best parts of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has to be the hilarious skits. A fan favorite is called First Drafts of Rock. This recurring skit has Jimmy Fallon performing fictional early versions of old hit songs. These beloved skits always include actor Kevin Bacon — and the newest one has them putting their own twist on Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys! Whatever you’re imagining this rendition to be like, I promise you, there’s no way you’re correct.

That’s because, in this “early edition,” the lyrics aren’t quite the same. The overall vibe and catchiness of the song remain, but the muse of the song is different. As opposed to the original, where a rebellious girl is the focus, Fallon and Bacon’s version cares far more about that hamburger stand that’s mentioned at the start. And, yes, it’s just as strange and wonderful as it sounds. Find out for yourself in the video below!

At first, it seems as though the song will stay the same. In fact, viewers in the comments have even admitted that it took them a while to realize that the lyrics had been changed. But once you get to the very end, when about 99% of the words are hamburger, it becomes a lot more obvious.

“I really like the part when they sing about the hamburger stand,” one fan jokes in the comments of the video, with another adding, “Don’t you think Kevin Bacon should have said ‘And we also ordered bacon on our burgers at the hamburger stand now?’”

“The amount of time and energy put into this premise that like, 5% of people would think is funny (me being in that group) is possibly the funniest thing about this to me,” someone else admits. “It’s so well done for such a small joke. Love it.”

Source: Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Bacon