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Kevin Bacon Spent a Day Experiencing Life as a Regular Guy

Kevin Bacon Spent a Day Experiencing Life as a Regular Guy

Kevin Bacon hasn’t always been a household name, but it’s been a long time since he could blend in as an anonymous face in the crowd.

Curious to experience life as an everyday person, Bacon recently decided to disguise himself and see if he could go unnoticed in public. His experiment didn’t turn out to be as enjoyable as he had hoped.

“I’m not complaining, but I have a face that’s pretty recognizable,” Bacon shared with Vanity Fair. “Putting my hat and glasses on is only going to work to a certain extent.”

The “Footloose” actor turned to Hollywood’s special effects for help, enlisting a professional to craft a disguise that included fake teeth, a false nose, and glasses. His efforts succeeded, perhaps a bit too well.

“I went to a special effects makeup artist, had consultations, and asked him to make me a prosthetic disguise,” he explained.

With his new look, the Golden Globe winner, who is set to appear in the Eddie Murphy-led comedy “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” ventured to The Grove, one of Los Angeles’ busiest shopping spots. To his surprise, he went completely unrecognized.

“People were kind of pushing past me, not being nice. Nobody said, ‘I love you.’ I had to wait in line to, I don’t know, buy a f*****g coffee or whatever,” Bacon recounted. “I was like, this sucks. I want to go back to being famous.”

Recently, Bacon has returned to his familiar life in the spotlight. He starred in his wife Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut, “Space Oddity,” and walked the red carpet last week for the A24 film “MaXXXine.”

Source: Vanity Fair