Kevin Costner Seeks Revenge and Humiliation Against Ex-Wife Christine Baumgartner: Unveiling the Intense Battle

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The Yellowstone actor’s divorce becomes more and more intricate – Credits: @Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The divorce of Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner uncovered a pot of scandals between the actor and the businesswoman: from the dispute over assets to the alleged infidelity. From the ex-wife of the protagonist of Yellowstone, the panorama does not seem encouraging to achieve family peace in pursuit of the well-being of their children.

Costner seeks “revenge” on his ex-wife

The new chapter of the confrontation between the two was revealed in the last few hours, when a source close to Baumgartner revealed to The Daily Mail that Costner seeks “revenge” on his ex-wife and “humiliate” her. “This is no longer It’s about the house, it’s about making Christine’s life a real hell while she goes through the divorce process,” said the source, in relation to the next steps that the actor will take in an incessant legal battle with multiple edges.

Financial arrangements and custody disputes

On Tuesday, a California judge determined that Costner must pay his ex-wife more than $129,000 per month, money intended for the support of their three children they have together. Baumgartner had requested the sum of $248,000 as “alimony”, in addition to the fact that the actor took care of one hundred percent of his children’s expenses, including their activities outside the school environment. As for said item, the judge requested that each pay 50 percent of the children’s expenses, more than double what the protagonist of The Bodyguard offered.

Kevin Costner plans “revenge” against his ex-wife

Costner had asked to pay $51,940 a month in support, so the judicial setback was not to his liking. “Now it will turn Christine’s life into a nightmare,” said the close friend of the former model, who at the end of the month must leave the family home valued at 145 million dollars. The news was reported by TMZ in early July. The judicial decision was based on the existing prenuptial agreement between the actor and the designer.

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The reason behind the divorce

The “unexpected blow” for Costner occurred at the beginning of May when, according to his words, he was surprised by the news that his wife, with whom he was married for 18 years, requested a divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” The request, according to sources close to the interpreter and director, left him “alone and bewildered” and, as the days went by, the North American press began to collect more information about the causes of the sudden separation. Thus, the reason behind it became known of the businesswoman’s divorce petition.

The challenges of balancing work and family life

As they told People magazine, the Yellowstone actor knew that Christine was “unhappy” because of her constant absences. “Christine wanted them to spend more family time at their house in Santa Barbara, but Kevin wasn’t around much during the shoots. Her absence was very hard on her,” the source expressed at the time. “He has been obsessed since last year with the Horizon movie recordings, and she didn’t like that. He didn’t want her to embark on another project.”

Christine Baumgartner, Low Profile Woman

The former model met Costner in 1998. “We exchanged phone numbers and I asked her if she didn’t mind if I called her in two weeks, I didn’t realize that could be insulting,” the actor told People magazine. In September 2004, they were married at the huge ranch of the Hollywood star located in Aspen, Colorado, and they were forming their family far from the flashes with the births of Cayden, Hayes and Grace, the youngest daughter. Christine, a native of California, always had a low profile and worked as a model until at one point she decided to open her own company in 2004 with her best friend, Tamara Muro, with whom she launched a handbag brand: Cat Bag Couture.

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