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Kevin Costner's 'Horizon Part 2' Delayed After Major Flop

Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon Part 2’ Delayed After Major Flop

Hollywood leading man Kevin Costner took a huge risk to bring his passion project, Horizon: An American Saga, to life. Unfortunately, this gamble has not paid off as the second installment of the Western epic has been delayed. So, what do we know?

For the last few years, viewers have been enthralled with Kevin Costner’s turn as John Dutton, the head of Dutton Ranch in Yellowstone. Many viewers agree that this role was tailor-made for the legendary actor. In the same way that Robert De Niro is in his element with crime movies, Kevin Costner shines in Westerns.

There has been a lot of speculation and debate among fans as to what finally led Kevin Costner to walk away from the Yellowstone role he loved. In addition to going through his divorce, there were scheduling conflicts as Costner filmed his epic Western passion project, Horizon: An American Saga.

Based on early returns for the first part of his Western epic, Costner may have put all his money on the wrong horse.

Kevin Costner believed so much in bringing Horizon: An American Saga to life that he invested his own money into the project. He reportedly put as much as $38M of his own cash into what turned out to be a $100M budget to realize his cinematic dream.

Kevin Costner has proven over the course of his career that he is as rugged and as much of a risk-taker as the characters he plays. However, based on early numbers from the theatrical release of the first installment of his latest project, it’s looking like a box office flop.

As of this writing, Horizon has made roughly $22M at the box office in total. While this is not a terrible showing, when you consider the big-budget nature of this $100M budget film, by these standards, it’s certainly a disappointment.

Originally, the second part of Horizon was to come out on August 16 in theaters. However, based on the underwhelming performance of the first part, that is no longer the case. As of right now, the second installment may not get a theatrical release at all, based on how the first part has done so far.

Of course, loyal Kevin Costner fans will surely support this film, including many Yellowstone fans. However, it’s also clear that despite Costner’s dedication and passion, it’s not quite hitting the box office success that many hoped for.

Costner’s epic may turn out to be a cult classic someday, but, at least for now, his big gamble to leave Yellowstone and dedicate himself to his Horizon universe isn’t paying off.

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