Kevin Feige highlighted that Marvel Phase 4 is about new beginnings!

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The main person in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe spoke again and left interesting definitions about the future of the brand in the cinema and series of Disney+. In that sense, the executive attached great importance to the eyes of the followers and the hard work they are doing to bring better stories and new beginnings to the fans.Kevin Feige redouble the bet after the conclusion of the Infinity Saga!

Phase 4 It was always about continuing through new ways and new beginnings, even with movies that are seemingly closing plot lines, there are new beginnings within them and that was the most exciting thing for us. “ Feige remarked that he was also excited about the brand’s entries in Disney+.

Kevin Feige spoke of the future of Marvel

Speaking of the immediate future of MCU, Feige confirmed that he wanted to make the movie of Shang-Chi 20 years ago, but I was waiting for the right filmmaker for that project. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this as a movie?”, he asked himself “the one” from Marvel that highlighted Destin Daniel Cretton as the perfect option to tell that story.

“He is an incredible filmmaker who makes great movies, on small budgets compared to Marvel, but coming and giving his insight on this father and son was special “, Feige expressed gratefully. Shang-Chi tells the story of a young man who discovers that his father is a supervillain. How is that processed? “, added the executive.

The president of Marvel had time to talk about Spider-Man and remember how the arachnid was almost out of the MCU. “There was a time when it seemed like the studio was not going to be involved in the movies of Spider-Man. It was only a few months, but very emotional for all of us “. Feige took advantage of and underlined the quality of the work done with the hero, in conjunction with Sony, inside of the Cinematographic Universe of the brand.

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