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Kevin Sullivan's Health Struggles Prompt GoFundMe Campaign

Kevin Sullivan’s Health Struggles Prompt GoFundMe Campaign

Wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan, known as “The Taskmaster,” is experiencing poor health, prompting friends and family to seek help using a GoFundMe campaign. As of now, the fundraiser has surpassed its $20,000 goal, raising nearly $32,000. This effort was initiated by Sullivan’s daughter, Nicole Sullivan, to assist with his mounting medical expenses.

According to the campaign’s description, Kevin Sullivan faced a severe accident on May 12 while in Florida for autograph signings. The incident necessitated emergency, life-saving surgery to save his leg. Unfortunately, he suffered complications, including sepsis and encephalitis, leading to intermittent periods of unconsciousness in the intensive care unit. The funds are intended to cover Sullivan’s ongoing hospital expenses, physical therapy, and transportation to reunite him with his family.

“Despite these challenges, Kevin has shown incredible resilience. Months later, he is still fighting to regain his independence,” Nicole Sullivan wrote in the GoFundMe description. “Even with an excellent insurance plan, the coverage is nearly exhausted due to the length of stay.”

Notable contributions have come in from well-known figures in the wrestling community. Jim Cornette is listed as the top donor with a contribution of $5,000. Chris Jericho donated $2,500, and other significant donations came from Scott D’Amore, “Diamond” Dallas Page, and Cody Rhodes, who donated under his real name, Cody Runnels. In an update posted Saturday, Nicole expressed gratitude to those who supported the campaign immediately upon its launch.

“This is a time where many are facing challenges of all kinds, and the willingness to help my dad is appreciated immensely,” she wrote.

Source: Wrestling Inc.