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Khloe Kardashian Criticized by Family for FaceTiming with True

Khloe Kardashian Criticized by Family for FaceTiming with True

Khloe Kardashian found herself in the middle of a family dispute in the latest episode of the popular reality show The Kardashians. In the July 4 episode on Hulu, tension erupted when Khloe FaceTimed her daughter, True Thompson, to say goodnight while she was out dining with her family. Attempting to engage her daughter, Khloe mentioned, “I’m at a restaurant. You think I look funny? I’m wearing a furry hat.”

Trouble started brewing as Kim, visibly frustrated, shared her thoughts during a private confessional. “Here we go. She’s just so stuck on what’s going on at home that she can’t have a good time,” Kim lamented. “We don’t get to do this very often anymore. It’s really rare that we go on these family vacations and I just want Khloé to enjoy the dinner, enjoy the moment, be present with us now.”

Khloe, who shares True and Tatum Thompson with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, continued her call, much to the annoyance of their mother, Kris Jenner. During her confessional, Kris sided partially with Kim. “Okay Khloe, I love you and I’m not going to take sides, but Kim’s got a point. Get off your phone. We’re right here,” Kris urged.

Reflecting on the situation during her confessional, Khloe expressed her irritation over her family’s comments. “Wait, I’m supposed to be more present, but Kim hasn’t looked up from her phone the entire dinner? She’s scrolling Instagram…Okay, I’ll be more present,” she retorted sarcastically.

Feeling attacked, Khloe added, “This is why I don’t like to leave the gates because I just feel like I get attacked every second of it, just immediately.”

The conversation escalated further during the dinner. “Just because you don’t want to call your kids to say goodnight…” Khloe snapped at Kris, who quickly defended herself, stating, “I’m with my kids. We’re out at dinner. Come on.”

This incident was not the first parenting disagreement between Kim and Khloe. In a previous episode, Kim accused Khloe of making her feel inadequate as a mother when Chicago West, Kim’s youngest daughter with ex-husband Kanye West, didn’t have her hair properly groomed for school.

“I have a bone to pick with you. Just about your delivery on things,” Kim began. “The other day when you called me and asked if you could do Chi’s hair, I don’t know if condescending is the word, but you were very shaming. You were calling to not really ask me if you could do her hair but to let me know that her hair wasn’t washed.”

Kim went on to explain in her confessional that it had been a tough week for her. “I had a really hard week so I said to my mom, ‘Can you please wash my two little ones. I will send them over and get them ready for school.’ Chicago put in this hair gel on her way out the door and I was like, ‘Who cares? My mom can slick her hair into a ponytail,’” she said. “So Khloe FaceTimes me and says, ‘I had to go over to mom’s and help her get your kids ready. And Chicago’s hair? The hair gel?’”

Defending herself, Khloe responded, “All I said was, ‘Do you mind if I do Chicago’s hair?’ Because you are very particular. It sounds like you are dealing with a bunch of your own bulls—t and you decided to harvest this and build up this animosity toward me. When this is a you f—king problem. I swear you just want to project whatever you are going through and take it out on me. And I can handle it but only for so long.”

With drama consistently surfacing, it’s clear that tensions within the Kardashian household remain high. Fans can stay tuned for more revelations as new episodes of The Kardashians air Thursdays on Hulu.

Source: Clutchpoints