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Khloé Kardashian Criticized for 'Weird' Comment on Kendall Jenner's Instagram

Khloé Kardashian Criticized for ‘Weird’ Comment on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram

Kendall Jenner recently captivated her followers by sharing stunning photos of herself on a yacht, dressed in a figure-hugging, sheer lavender gown.

Lounging gracefully on a plush chair aboard her family’s yacht, the supermodel, 28, was framed by the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea at sunset.

The idyllic scene added to the allure of the images. Among the many comments, her elder sister Khloé Kardashian drew attention with her cheeky remark on the revealing nature of the frock’s see-through fabric, writing: “Love when you show the Nips. Best nips in town.”

This comment sparked controversy among Instagram users, with one noting, “Girl that’s your sister,” followed by a crying emoji, and another labeling Kardashian’s comment as “weird.”

Regarding the Good American founder, 40, someone else added: “You wild for this Khloe.” One other replied: “Weird Comment but we’re here for it.”

Jenner captioned her photo collection post: “9pm sunsets.” Along with the lounging pics, the 818 Tequila mogul shared a video of herself gracefully running on the yacht’s deck, drink in hand, as her dress fluttered elegantly in the wind.

While many commenters expressed their qualms with Kardashian’s aforementioned note, others were fixated on the chic high-neck, sleeveless dress that featured a flirty open-back design, perfect for summer.

“I need to know where that dress is from,” one fan wrote as another added: “Pretty exquisite” and someone else deemed Jenner’s ensemble to be “gorgeous.”

Some eagle-eyed fans identified the gown as the $3,500 Khaite ‘Romee open-back draped merino wool maxi dress.’ Jenner accessorized the dusty lilac item with solely statement stud earrings, going for a more minimal look.

Source: Splash News