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Khloe Kardashian Faces Criticism After Kim Questions Her Parenting Style

Khloe Kardashian Faces Criticism After Kim Questions Her Parenting Style

Undeniably, The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian feels under fire after her sister, Kim Kardashian, sets her sights on driving home a point. While Khloe is trying to be the best mom possible, she is receiving backlash from her family for her parenting style.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian faces criticism for her parenting choices. While in Aspen with Kris and Kendall Jenner, Corey Gamble, and Kim Kardashian, Khloe encounters ridicule over the way she manages things. Although Kylie Jenner had planned to attend, major anxiety caused her to leave the plane before takeoff. Khloe sometimes wished she had followed her gut feeling and stayed home too, especially after Kim had criticized her before the trip. Khloe notes that once Kim targets someone, it is challenging to escape. That might be a great quality for a lawyer, but it’s painful when she’s the target.

Before leaving for Aspen, both Kim and Khloe Kardashian were quarreling over Khloe’s parenting. Kim’s insecurities about whether Khloe thought she wasn’t taking care of Chicago’s hair while she was busy seemed to fuel most of the conflict. The fight continued during the trip. Kim thinks that Khloe is obsessing over following a schedule rather than enjoying life. Kim emphasizes that Khloe is too focused on everything but what is happening right in front of her. Khloe asks for “permission” to call her daughter upon their arrival, and Kim criticizes her for being too concerned with aspects other than the present moment.

In this week’s episode, the family is eating at a restaurant when Khloe decides to FaceTime True to tell her “goodnight.” Khloe clearly prioritizes her daughter, wanting to ensure she knows how much she loves and misses her. Despite being with the family, Khloe distracts from the conversation at the table, which is about meeting Gypsy-Rose Blanchard. She plays with her daughter over FaceTime, asking, “I’m at a restaurant. You think I look funny? I’m wearing a furry hat.” Kim shows noticeable annoyance over Khloe being distracted from the present company.

While Kim Kardashian has been vocal about disapproving of Khloe Kardashian’s parenting, she also criticizes her for being a recluse. During a confessional, Kim talks about her frustration, saying, “Here we go. She’s just so stuck on what’s going on at home that she can’t have a good time.” Furthermore, Kim adds, “We don’t get to do this very often anymore. It’s really rare that we go on these family vacations, and I just want Khloe to enjoy the dinner, enjoy the moment, be present with us now.”

Additionally, Kim brings up the topic of Khloe’s split attention, causing Kris Jenner to become irritated as well. Kris says in a confessional, “Okay Khloe, I love you and I’m not going to take sides, but Kim’s got a point. Get off your phone. We’re right here.” Khloe wraps up the call with her daughter, saying, “Okay, I love you. Who’s so cute?” Kris adds, “Bye, see ya, gotta go, bye.” Khloe anticipates criticism, retorting, “Just because you don’t want to call your kids to say goodnight…” But Kris interjects trying to defuse the argument, “I’m with my kids. We’re out at dinner. Come on.”

Since Kim and Khloe Kardashian had gone back and forth over their differing parenting styles, Khloe didn’t want to hear more criticism from Kim. In a confessional, Khloe justifies her actions, saying, “Wait, I’m supposed to be more present, but Kim hasn’t looked up from her phone the entire dinner? She’s scrolling Instagram…Okay, I’ll be more present.” Additionally, Khloe feels like she is constantly on the defense when she’s around Kim. She adds, “This is why I don’t like to leave the gates because I just feel like I get attacked every second of it, just immediately.”

Undeniably, Khloe wants to devote as much time and love to her kids as possible, especially while they are young. However, the family seemingly wants her to find a balance. They want her to enjoy other parts of her life as well. It appears Kim might be deflecting her own feelings of not measuring up to Khloe’s parenting style.

What do you think? Is Kim Kardashian setting up an attack on Khloe Kardashian over her parenting style? Will they figure out how to let it go? Does Khloe need to be more present? Are you enjoying this season of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace, YouTube