“Khloé Kardashian firmly closes the door on Tristan Thompson reunion: ‘No going back'”

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Khloé Kardashian has officially closed the door on her tumultuous romantic relationship with Tristan Thompson, the father of her children True and Tatum. In the last episode of her reality show, the businesswoman made it clear that while she maintains a friendly and close relationship with the athlete, it is purely for the well-being of their offspring. Khloé stated, “For my children, I am willing to put everything aside. What’s done is done, so why would I have to cling to that?”

Despite their amicable relationship, Khloé has set clear boundaries and limits for Thompson. She prefers that he takes care of their children when they are at her house instead of hiring a babysitter. However, she emphasized that he must not stay at her house to relax unless it is solely for the children. “But you have to set limits. He doesn’t stay at my house to relax, and he doesn’t come if it’s not for the children,” she pointed out.

Khloé’s decision to maintain her boundaries and not give Thompson false hope of reconciliation is understandable, given their past. In 2018, while Khloé was pregnant with her first child, it was revealed that Thompson had been unfaithful. Despite this, they reconciled and even had a second child together last August. However, it was then discovered that Thompson had been unfaithful again and had also fathered a child with someone else, which he initially refused to acknowledge until forced to do so by the courts.

Khloé’s commitment to her children’s well-being is paramount, and while she maintains a friendly relationship with Thompson, it is solely for their children’s benefit. “These boundaries are very important to Tristan because we’ve been through so much in the past. I got back together with him after the first scandal, so Tristan might get the impression, ‘Oh, let’s fix this, and he’ll end up coming back to me.’ And I understand it, but I am not going to let those old habits come back. It is not what I want,” she concluded.

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