Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Feeling Disconnected from Surrogate Son: A Raw and Honest Account

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Khloé Kardashian recently sparked a debate by admitting that she feels “guilty” for her lack of connection with her newborn son, Tatum, who was born via surrogate motherhood. Khloé discussed how difficult the surrogacy process could be and wished people would be more honest about it. Her older sister, Kim Kardashian, also resorted to surrogacy after experiencing health problems during pregnancy.

During a talk with her brother-in-law, Scott Disick, and her sister Kim, Khloé opened up about how the arrival of her son impacted her life and that of her now ex-husband, Tristan Thompson. She found out weeks after starting the surrogacy that Thompson had secretly had a child with a model, which made the situation harder.

Khloé admitted to feeling a disconnection with her son due to the difference between carrying the baby in her womb and having a surrogate carry her child. Kim, who turned to surrogacy in two of her four pregnancies, agreed that people connect differently, and some cannot connect at all.

Khloé buried her head in the sand during the surrogacy process and did not digest what was happening, leading to her being in shock during the birth of her son. She wished she had known more about the intricacies of surrogacy before going through with it.

In conclusion, Khloé’s admission has prompted important conversations about surrogacy and the emotional journey that comes with it. It is okay to have different connections with your children, and people should be more open about their experiences with surrogacy.

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