Kicillof supported the strategy of the President and Guzmán before the IMF: An adjustment cannot be accepted

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The Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires Axel Kicillo endorsed the president’s official strategy Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman for the negotiations before the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Kicillof said that in the meeting between the President and the Minister of Economy with the governors regarding the negotiations with the IMF, the president and the official “were very clear that at this stage an adjustment cannot be accepted”.

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The Buenos Aires governor criticized the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (WB) whom he accused of “trying to make politics with predictions” according to the sign of the governments and demanded that “the IMF issue not divert” what he defined as “a clear policy of economic recovery.”

Kicillof spoke of an “optimism and pessimism of multilateral organizations” such as the IMF and the World Bank, which he defined as “systematic”: “It seems that the numbers rather mark the sympathies that certain economists have with governments”.

The Buenos Aires governor said that when he was Minister of Economy and had to go to the IMF “to have conversations” he carried “a little chart that showed how they always screwed up the forecasts.”

Kicillof said that “when the government was not of the political sign that he liked (the IMF) underestimated, and when it was the other way around, they overestimated” economic forecasts, in statements to Radio 10.

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