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Kid Cudi Walking in Surgical Boot and on Crutches After Coachella Injury

Published: 2:43 PM PDT, July 10, 2024

Kid Cudi still has “a ways to go” in his recovery from a broken foot, but he’s now able to put 20 percent of his weight on the right foot, which is now in a boot.

The “Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper, 40, took to social media on Wednesday to share a video of him walking with the help of crutches. You can see he’s taking it slow as he gingerly walks and puts minimal weight on his right foot. Kid Cudi shared that the progress brought tears to his mother’s eyes. She was also the one who recorded his progress.

“July 7th 2024, first day doing ‘toe touch’ puttin light weight on my foot. Im doin much better as of today. Can put about 20% of weight on it,” he tweeted. “As the weeks go by, ill add more weight and then ill be able to walk with out crutches baby! Still got a ways to go, but this was my first time walking in 4 months and I was mad happy to see the progress. My mom filmed this video through tears haha she was so happy to see me walk again.”

The rapper also vowed to come back “stronger and more focused.” For the moment, he says he’ll be “sitting at home in my dim lit room plotting” his resurgence.

Kid Cudi’s remarkable recovery update comes after the rapper broke his foot at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California, back in April. The devastating injury occurred as he leaped off the stage and into the crowd.

Videos captured by fans showed Cudi falling off the stage and landing awkwardly on one of his feet, prompting security personnel to swiftly intervene and carry him off for medical attention. The rapper later confirmed the injury on social media, saying it’s the first time he’s broken a bone.

“This is what happens when a 40-year-old man tries to prance around off stage, like he’s 26, like he use to do back in the day. I learned a valuable lesson. No more prancing around, jumping off stages,” Cudi shared on social media at the time.

Kid Cudi with his fiancée, menswear designer Lola Sartore, on April 16, 2024 in London, England.Getty

To his credit, Cudi, who is engaged to menswear designer Lola Sartore, still performed for the roaring crowd. The injury, however, forced Cudi to cancel his Insano: Engage the Rage World Tour, which was initially set to kick off two weeks ago in Austin, Texas.

“I’m really disappointed as I’m sure you guys are too, but I will be back. That’s a promise,” he said at the time. “I’m OK, just a lil soreness but I’m in good spirits.”

Source: Getty Images