Kidnappers of 156 Nigerian Students Capture Man Who Ransom Money and Demand More

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A group of armed men who have kidnapped 156 students in Tegina (Nigeria) captured the man sent to give them the ransom money, informs Sahara Reporters.

The criminals claimed that they had demanded 30 million naira (about $ 73,000) in exchange for the release of the students, and missing 4.6 million naira ($ 11,000).

However, the parents of the abducted children and the school principal, Alhassan Garba Abubakar, confirmed that they had sent the full sum.

“We have endeavored to raise 30 million,” said one of the parents, who claim to be spending for hell“.

Additionally, “as punishment”, the kidnappers demanded six motorcycles Honda, each of which costs 490.000 nairas ($ 1,190).

Since the mass abduction of 276 girls in 2014, Nigeria it’s found in the spotlight amid rising numbers of hostage-taking ransom, with at least five so far this year.

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