Kidnapping, torture and murder: BBC video proves Taliban kill civilians in Afghanistan

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It’s been a month since the taliban conquered Kabul and, far from the image of moderation they want to project, the BBC got evidence that several civilians were executed. The crimes occurred especially in the Panjshir Valley, the last bastion of resistance to their power.

In the images obtained by the British channel, you can see how the Taliban two men are kidnapped on the streets of Kabul and put them in the trunk of a car.

Another clip reveals how a man in military clothing is seized in the Panjshir Valley and they execute him with several bullets in the middle of the street, while a passerby affirms that he was not a soldier.

According to BBC, at least 20 people were killed in this region ever since the Taliban entered the valley. One of them was a merchant and father of two sons, Abdul Sami. The Taliban accused him of selling SIM cards to resistance fighters and killed him.

Asked about these crimes, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said they will “launch an investigation.” “If any military or militia attacked our soldiers, they have the right to defend themselves,” he said in his defense.

According to the organization Human Rights Watch, they are “documenting human rights violations throughout the country.” What seems to be happening in Panjshir, as well as in other places are these summary executions and arrestsespecially from former members of the security forces, ”said Patricia Gossman, associate director of Human Rights Watch for Asia. They were also documented beatings and torture, such as those suffered by Afghan journalists covering protests in Kabul.

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Images obtained by the BBC show that once crowded markets are now deserted, as well as long lines of people trying to flee the area.

Taliban resistance leader vowed to fight to the death

The Taliban claimed to have seized control of the Panjshir Valley in late August, although Ahmad Masud, leader of the resistance movement and son of the legendary Afghan rebel commander Ahmad Shah Masud, vowed to continue fighting.

I’d rather die than give up”Masud said in an interview with French media. “I am the son of Ahmad Shá Masud. Surrender is not a word that is part of my vocabulary, “he added.

Masud claimed that “thousands” of men were joining his National Resistance Front (NRF) in the Panjshir Valley, which was never captured by invading Soviet forces in 1979 or by the Taliban during its first term in power, including 1996 and 2001.

On Tuesday, Nasir Ahmad Andisha, the diplomat the former toppled Afghan government had appointed to the United Nations in Geneva, still in office, urged the UN on Tuesday to investigate human rights violations by the Taliban.

He asked the Security Council “to immediately send a fact-checking mission and document the human rights violations.” But several countries, including Pakistan, an ally of the Taliban, expressed their reluctance in the face of this eventuality during a special meeting of the Council on Afghanistan on August 24.

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