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Kiki Morente, the young man who has given Sara Carbonero’s illusion back

After his separation from Iker Casillas, Sara carbonero has starred in numerous news, but this Wednesday is the best of all. After a few difficult weeks, the journalist begins the summer in the best possible way: with the heart again excited. This is what the magazine ‘Semana’ assures, which also reveals the identity of the boy with whom he seems to have something special, Kiki morente. Apparently, both would have met through a mutual friend and the spark would not have taken long to jump between them.

According to the aforementioned medium, they have been together for two months and, although it is a short time, both would be very excited. In fact, Kiko would already know the journalist’s friends and Sara, for her part, would have also met some of the singer’s relatives.

The surname of the young man, 31 years, He is one of the best known on the international artistic plane as he is the son of Enrique Morente and bailaora Aurora Carbonell and, therefore, brother of Estrella and Soleá Morente. Like them, Kiko is also dedicated to the world of music and, as described on her Instagram profile as a ‘flamenco singer’. In 2017 he released the album ‘Albaycin’, in tribute to the popular neighborhood of Granada, the city of which he is born and where he studied guitar at the Conservatory. Accompanied by great artists such as Juan and Pepe Habichuela, Kiki shows that he shares the great talent of the Morentes.

Although he is not as well known as his sisters, the singer-songwriter has a large legion of fans who follow him wherever he goes. His next meeting with them will take place on July 21 in his native Granada, where he will perform with Juan Habichuela grandson at the Isabel La Católica Theater on the occasion of the ‘V International Guitar Festival’.

And although much of his content on social networks has to do with his work, Kiki Morente also has her family in mind. His parents, his sisters and his grandfather, the remembered Enrique Morente, are the protagonists of many of his posts. He also dedicates very nice words to them with which he makes clear how united they are: “Thank you God for having given me my mother and my father!”, “Mom, I love you to infinity and beyond” Is it possible that I am the happiest brother in the world? Thank you for gathering so much good in my life “,” I miss you, Dad “or” I say happy birthday, because you live in me! “.

In the physical, Kiko Morente it’s very attractive. In addition to having intense blue eyes, he sports a beard with a mustache that combines with a hairstyle loaded with curls and volume. Her look is similar to that of Sara Carbonero, comfortable, natural and with a bohemian touch that gives her an extra appeal.

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