Kiko Hernández’s candid response to the cancellation of ‘Save me’

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Mediaset cancels Sálvame after 14 years

The cancellation of Sálvame has left all viewers speechless. Mediaset has decided not to continue with the program that had been on the television grid for 14 years, leaving behind all its controversies, debate tables or its heart gatherings. The key date will be June 16, as anticipated by El Mundo.

Kiko Hernández breaks his silence

Faced with this decision, which had been rumored for months, the reactions of those affected are already beginning to be known. The first to break his silence was Kiko Hernández, a regular collaborator and one of the most visible faces of the channel, who has also presented the program on occasion.

“After a hard day… I come home and I have this and I say, how beautiful life is, what a great gift”, wrote Kiko Hernández, in a tender publication in which he appears with his two daughters who they kiss his cheek and which have become his refuge in these difficult moments for him.

Kiko Hernández receives support

Despite not having revealed the reason for his words, all the thoughts of the thousands of his followers have gone to the main reason for the day, the cancellation of Sálvame. In fact, the collaborator himself has received the support of colleagues, as well as anonymous people who follow him.

“Oh, Kiko, what a tender photo! Never forget that life is ahead,” reminded him of Mercedes Milá, former presenter of Big Brother.

Kiko Hernández takes a hard blow

For Kiko Hernández, it has been a hard blow, as he was one of the main pieces of the program, and one of the most recognized faces of Sálvame. The most important thing in his life was outside the program and it was his daughters.

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New format

The cancellation of Sálvame has been a jug of cold water for everyone the workers of the program, since last week they were celebrating their 14th anniversary of broadcasting. However, a new era of after-dinners begins next June 19 with the new format that they will implement during those hours starting this summer to replace Sálvame, Así es la vida, by Sandra Barneda. Starting in September, the real change will be noticed with Ana Rosa Quintana at the helm, who will be present both in the mornings and in the afternoons.

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