“Kiko Matamoros’ explosive response to ‘Save Me’ cancellation”

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End of an Era: Telecinco’s Sálvame Bids Adieu After 14 Years

June 16 marks a significant change in Telecinco’s afternoon programming as Sálvame bids goodbye to its evening broadcast after being on the small screen for 14 years. Since the announcement of the cancellation, many collaborators have reacted to the end of a program that has made its mark in Spanish television and has been a long-time audience favorite.

Kiko Matamoros’s Reaction to the End of Sálvame

Kiko Matamoros, a tertulian who has been linked to the program since its inception, used his public platform to express his gratitude to the program’s audience: “Thank you for the love of so many good people who have been with us for so long,” he wrote. He also received encouragement from his future wife, Marta López Álamo, with whom he is set to be married on June 2, just two weeks prior to the cancellation of the show. Many of his colleagues, such as Chelo García-Cortés, Carmen Borrego, and Risto Mejide, also expressed their support for Matamoros during this emotional time.

What Lies Ahead for the Collaborators of Sálvame?

As the program comes to an end, the future of the collaborators remains uncertain. However, for Kiko Matamoros, his attention is on his upcoming wedding to López Álamo. He plans to invite many of his colleagues to the event, which could potentially be the program’s last gathering. If he goes on his honeymoon after the wedding, Matamoros might miss the last live broadcast of Sálvame–a significant absence as he has been associated with the program for a long time.

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Despite the news, the collaborators will undoubtedly remember their time on Sálvame with fondness, and the show will go down in history as one of the most-watched television programs in Spain.

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