Kill Bok-soon: The Hit Netflix Movie from South Korea

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Fans of the hit “John Wick” franchise will soon have a new movie to watch on Netflix – “Boksoon Must Die” (known in Korean as “Kill Bok-soon” and “Gilbogsun”). Directed and written by Byun Sung-hyun, the movie tells the story of hired killers in South Korea.

“Killing is a global business, being a mother is a business of life and death” is the slogan Netflix is using to promote the movie. While Korean dramas have long been popular on the platform, its films are equally compelling. The success of internationally renowned movies like Boon Joon-Ho’s “Parasite” and Park Chan Wook’s “Decision to Leave” are proof of this.

This time, the movie is not a romantic drama but a story filled with suspense and action. The lead character, Gil Boksoon, played by Jeon Do-yeon, is one of the top assassins at MK Entertainment who has proven her loyalty. However, as her contract comes to an end, she must evaluate her priorities and contend with relationship issues with her daughter.

The action scenes in the movie are so intense that both the director and lead actress admitted to feeling the physical challenge. Nevertheless, they managed to deliver a captivating film that fans of action movies are sure to enjoy.

“Boksoon Must Die” is set to be available on Netflix from March 31, 2023. If you want to watch the movie, all you need is a subscription to the streaming platform.

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