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Killer Mike Addresses Grammys Arrest with New Single, Music Video: “HUMBLE ME”

Killer Mike has returned with a new single, “HUMBLE ME,” which arrives today alongside a new music video.

Addressing Killer Mike’s infamous arrest at the 2024 Grammys—just moments after he won the award for Rap Album of the Year—“HUMBLE ME” and its video see the rapper open up about the experience and how it’s impacted his artistry. “I was in the studio the very next day,” he explained in a statement. “I’m as inspired as ever and I’m just following the music at this point.”

Speaking about the arrest, Killer Mike said, “All my heroes have been cuffed and mishandled in some way. I just thanked God in that moment of being Daniel in the lion’s den. I came out of the jailhouse in the pouring rain to my wife waiting for me, lit a joint, celebrated a bit and then woke up and got the news about my son’s kidney.”

The latter bit is referencing the fact that Killer Mike’s son, Pony Boy, received confirmation that a kidney donor was found just a day after the arrest. “I believe that humility and worship granted me God’s grace in the face of that test, and I believe my son receiving his kidney was a blessing from God,” Killer Mike said. “The video and its love-filled, triumphant ending are a visual testament to that night and God’s glory in writing mine and Pony’s story.”

Watch the music video for “HUMBLE ME” below.

The single arrives just a week after it was announced that no charges would be filed in the Grammys arrest. It also follows Killer Mike’s victory for Album of the Year at the 2024 BET Awards.

Meanwhile, Killer Mike is about to hit the road for his 2024 “Down By Law” tour, which will take him and his choir, The Mighty Midnight Revival, to Canada, the US, and Europe this summer. Fans can grab tickets online.

Fans can also anticipate a new body of work this summer that will provide an epilogue to the MICHAEL era, according to the press release for “HUMBLE ME.”

Killer Mike Addresses Grammys Arrest with New Single, Music Video “HUMBLE ME”: Watch
Jo Vito

Source: Consequence