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Killer Mike Discusses Grammys Arrest in New Track ‘HUMBLE ME’: Stream Now

Killer Mike Discusses Grammys Arrest in New Track ‘HUMBLE ME’: Stream Now

Just hours after his triumphant return to the scene of his Grammys night arrest to accept the BET Album of the Year award for "MICHAEL," Killer Mike released a powerful new single and video titled "HUMBLE ME," where he introspects on the incident and its aftermath.

In the striking black-and-white music video, Killer Mike, a member of Run the Jewels, is seen without his jewelry and in handcuffs, symbolizing the events surrounding his Grammy night arrest. Through his lyrics, he draws parallels between his experience and the Biblical story of Daniel in the lions’ den. The video ends on a hopeful note with a cameo from his son, Mikael "Pony Boy" Render, who recently underwent a life-saving kidney transplant.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Mike raps, "I won at the Grammys / did that for Atlanta / swept up like a janitor / got sent to the slammer / treated me like an animal or some kind of Hannibal." He then poignantly adds, "I went to sleep as free as could be / and the next day my son got a kidney."

The rapper attributes his survival to humility and worship, stating, "I believe that humility and worship granted me God’s grace in the face of that test."

During his acceptance speech at the BET Awards, Killer Mike addressed his arrest and the journey that followed, exclaiming, "Technically, I was not supposed to be here. I was put in handcuffs and I was marched out of this building, but I want to tell you, look at God because I’m back baby. I’m back and I’m winning." His gratitude extended to BET, "I want to tell Black people that because of BET I’m back. Not ’cause of no white person calling nobody. A Black man runs this business, a Black company put this show on, and they got my Black ass back in here. Thank y’all."

Mike also urged his audience to engage civically, emphasizing the importance of voting in upcoming elections. "Who we vote for on the big stage is important, but it’s more important you know who your city council person is, who your prosecutor is," he stated. "And if you don’t like the people running, run your Black a** to the polls and run yourself."

The incident that led to Killer Mike’s arrest occurred on February 4, 2024, after he won three Grammys, including Best Rap Album for "MICHAEL." The altercation with a security guard outside the Grammy pre-telecast event initially led to misdemeanor battery charges. However, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office later decided not to pursue criminal charges, and Mike completed a community service requirement, leading to the resolution of the case.

Killer Mike is currently on a North American tour to support his latest album, with scheduled performances at prominent festivals including Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, and Montreal International Jazz Festival. "HUMBLE ME" is set to appear on the follow-up to "MICHAEL," Mike’s first solo album in over a decade, which is expected to be released later this summer via Loma Vista Records.

The rapper, accompanied by the Mighty Midnight Revival choir, will continue his tour through early fall, featuring stops at major festivals and a Blue Note Jazz Club residency.

Killer Mike’s narrative in "HUMBLE ME" and his public statements serve as powerful reminders of resilience, the importance of community, and civic responsibility.

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