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Killer Mike’s Fiery BET Speech Urges Political Involvement Amid Legal Woes

Killer Mike delivered an impassioned speech at the BET Awards on Sunday night, addressing his recent legal issues and urging viewers to become politically active.

The rapper began by thanking his wife, Shana, his children, and his manager, Will Bronson, humorously noting, “he’s a white guy, but he’s down with us.” He then recounted an incident from the Feb. 4 Grammy Awards, where he was detained following a scuffle with a security guard outside Arena. Last week, prosecutors from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office announced they would not be filing charges against him.

“Technically, I was not supposed to be here,” Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Santiago Render, said onstage. “I was put in handcuffs and marched out of this building. But look at God because I’m back, baby, I’m back.” Both the Grammy Awards and BET Awards took place in Downtown Los Angeles.

Mike continued, “I want to tell Black people that it’s because of BET I’m back, not ’cause of no white person. A Black man runs this business, a Black company puts this show on, and they got my Black ass back in here. Thank you.”

He expressed how honored he felt in that moment, stating, “I am a representation of one of the finest things God has ever made. And that’s one-half of the Black family. Black men and women, I am you. Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, whether you like me, whether you don’t like me. This win is absolutely ours.”

Mike then urged viewers to not only cast their votes in November but also to get involved in local politics. “They’re gonna tell you who we vote for is important and it is,” he said. “Who we vote for on the big stage is important, but it’s more important that you know who your city council person is, who your prosecutor is. And if you don’t like the people who are running, run your Black ass to the polls and run yourself.”

On the night, Killer Mike triumphed over artists like Chris Brown, Gunna, 21 Savage, Usher, Drake, Victoria Monét, and Nicki Minaj to win the award for Album of the Year.

Taraji P. Henson hosted the 2024 BET Awards, during which Usher was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony aired live from Downtown Los Angeles.

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