‘Killing Eve’ Is Back with a Final Season. Here’s Where We Left Off in the Third Season

Killing Eve

Every fan of the series has two reactions when a new season begins. The first is the illusion of reuniting with his characters, the second, is the confusion that invades him when he realizes that he no longer remembers what happened the last time he saw them. With all the series we follow, it’s normal that we need a reminder. Even more, when almost two years have passed between one installment and another, as is the case of Killing Eve, which returns this Sunday to HBO Max with its fourth and final season.

With the series starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, we inaugurate Previously in…, a new section of SERIES & MORE in which we will review what happened in the last episode of our favorite series before the premiere of the new ones. Thus, you will have fresh the point at which we leave the characters to fully enjoy the new season.

What happened in the Season Three Finale of ‘Killing Eve’

Villanelle offers herself as an MI6 informant and spy, but Carolyn rejects her offer when she discovers she knows nothing about The Twelve and wants to stop being a contract killer. In the ballroom where he did his first job, he has a date with Eve. They dance and talk about the impossibility of having a life together if half-murdering Dasha (whom we met this season as Villanelle’s mentor) is their idea of romanticism. The meeting is interrupted by Rhian, the young Russian woman who is training as his replacement, but her future is cut short when he violently beats her on the subway platform and throws her onto the tracks just before the train arrives.

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Konstantin, who is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack while talking about a plan to flee to Cuba with Villanelle, shares a room with Dasha, who survived the attacks of the protagonist couple but eventually dies there from a heart attack. When Konstantin goes to find the escape package, he finds that, following directions from his pupil, Eve has arrived first. While they are together, he receives a call from Paul, who tells him to go home immediately.

He goes to Eve and there they meet Carolyn. Villanelle also arrives at the impromptu meeting. Eve’s superior has a gun and is willing to use it. He has seen a video of the day Kenny died and Konstantin was there, so he demands explanations. According to him, it was the fault of Paul (Carolyn’s supervisor who actually works for The Twelve) his son was cornering the mysterious organization, so he told him that if he wanted to live he would have to work for them. Kenny was scared and kept walking backward while they were on the rooftop and in the end, he fell into the void without him being able to help it. Carolyn puts the gun to Konstantin’s forehead but at the last moment murders Paul.

In the last scene, Eve and Villanelle chat on a bridge. They recognize their mutual obsession and the power and influence they exert over each other. That is what has brought them closer together and at the same time has led them to opposite paths. Villanelle wants to stop killing. Eve flirts with the dark side but asks him to tell her how to placate that monster. Villanelle tells him to turn their backs and start walking without looking back. They do so until they both turn to look at each other before melting to black.

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What we can expect from the fourth season of “Killing Eve”

In what will be the final season of the series, Laura Neal (Sex Education), who has been a writer of the third installment and co-wrote with Suzanne Heathcote the last episode, will be the showrunner, lead writer, and executive producer. It will have, as usual, eight episodes in which Carolyn will remain willing to discover the truth about The Twelve, while Eve and Villanelle will continue to be destined to meet, to define who they want to be and put an end to their obsession in one way or another.

AMC Networks and Sid Gentle Films Ltd, the production companies of the series, are developing several spin-offs focused on the universe created by writer Luke Jennings. The participation of its acclaimed protagonists is not expected.

The fourth season of ‘Killing Eve’ premieres on February 27 on HBO Max.

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