Kim Cattrall Finds New Journey Post-Sex and the City

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Kim Cattrall has made it clear that she has moved on from her iconic role as Samantha Jones in ‘Sex and the City’. Despite reprizing her role as Samantha in ‘And Just Like That’ for a brief appearance, Kim is focused on making artistically satisfying and happy decisions in her work. The 66-year-old actress landed roles in shows such as ‘Filthy Rich,’ ‘How I Met Your Father,’ ‘Sensitive Skin,’ and ‘Queer as Folk’ after leaving ‘Sex and the City’.

Kim hopes to be remembered for more than just playing Samantha Jones. During a recent cocktail party, a young woman told Kim that she was obsessed with ‘it’, which the woman assumed was ‘Sex and the City’, but was actually referring to ‘How I Met Your Father’. Kim believes that Samantha is just one part of her career puzzle and is happy to have moved on.

Kim’s appearance in ‘And Just Like That’ will reportedly be limited to one scene. She signed her dialogue in New York City on the 22nd of March without seeing or speaking with the rest of the cast or showrunner Michael Patrick King. The cameo will see Samantha having a telephone conversation with Carrie Bradshaw after exchanging messages in the first season. Legendary ‘SATC’ costume designer Patricia Field dressed Kim for her scene.

Despite her feud with former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim is determined to make decisions that will make her happy and artistically satisfied. She believes that negotiating from a position of strength and self-knowledge is the best way forward. As Kim moves into the next phase of her career, it’s clear that she has no intention of being defined by her past work.

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