“Kim Cattrall makes a ‘Sex and the City’ return, but don’t get too excited”

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Kim Cattrall’s Return to Sex and the City Universe

The world was left awestruck as the news of Kim Cattrall’s return to the Sex and the City universe emerged. After the disharmony caused by her absence from the first season of And Just Like That, the mini-series sequel that explores the lives of its protagonists after they turn 50, the actress who played Samantha is set to appear in the second season.

However, there’s a catch in all of this. Kim Cattrall’s return is not what the fans anticipated. It turns out that she will only make a cameo appearance in a single episode. She will have a scene where she talks to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) on the phone, and she won’t be seen with any of her co-stars.

As Variety reported exclusively, Kim Cattrall had recorded her dialogues last March “without seeing or speaking with the stars of the series.” In other words, there’s no chance of a reunion between Samantha and her old group.

Rekindling the Fire

So, what’s the reason behind her sudden appearance? The reason for her return still remains a mystery. It could be a wink to satisfy the fans or a way to smooth over the discord between Cattrall and Parker. However, it’s a stark reminder that the real-life relationship between the actresses who played the famous “musketeers” is rocky.

The rumors of their enmity had started in 2004 when Kim Cattrall had declared on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross that differences in their paychecks led to the show’s end. Later, in 2017, in an interview with ITV (via ET), she revealed that they were never friends but colleagues.

Samantha’s Legacy

The absence of Kim Cattrall during the first season of And Just Like That seemed to have broken Samantha’s presence abruptly. And with her return planned, many fans hoped to see her rekindle her friendship with the old gang and lead the show forward.

But, unfortunately, with her presence restricted to just a single episode, it remains a reminder that the relationship between Cattrall and Parker has been strained for years.

The fact that both actresses have been vocal about their mutual rejection of a physical reunion between their fictional characters reinforces the notion that her return is purely a commercial and nostalgic reference that lacks any feeling.

In conclusion, we can say that the return of Samantha to the show might satisfy the fans in a certain way, but it won’t change the fact that it’s a wistful reminder of the time when the protagonists of Sex and the City were all amicable.

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