Kim Cattrall to Reprise Iconic Role as Samantha Jones in New “Sex and the City” Series

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Buckle Up, “Sex and the City” Fans, Kim Cattrall Is Back!

Great news for the fans of “Sex and the City” as Kim Cattrall, who played the iconic character of Samantha Jones, is returning for the sequel “And Just Like That…”. The spokesperson of HBO Max has confirmed that Cattrall filmed a scene in March for the second season of the show.

HBO Max and CNN, both being part of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, have confirmed the news, but the New York Post was the first to report it.

Previously, Cattrall did not make an appearance in the first season of the remake. However, this new development is exciting news for fans eager to see her back on the screen.

When asked about Samantha’s absence from the series, Cattrall shared that it feels weird, and her cameo appearance in the second season feels like an echo from the past.

Cattrall’s Secret Filming

CNN has reached out to Cattrall’s representative for a comment on her decision, but as of now, her cameo was secretly filmed in March. Interestingly, her name was not on the call sheet for the day of the shoot. She recorded the scene in a car in a parking lot in Queens, where the show’s interiors are filmed.

A Continuation of “Sex and the City”

The first season of “And Just like That…” premiered in December 2021, and it welcomed Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis but without Kim’s iconic character, Samantha Jones. The sequel continues with the lives of the four women and has already shocked fans by killing off an important character in the first episode.

It is worth noting that Cattrall had previously spoken to Variety about her decision not to participate in the remake. “It takes a great deal of wisdom to know when enough is enough. I also didn’t want to compromise what the series was for me. The way forward seemed clear,” she explained. Cattrall mentioned that she is proud of her time as Samantha, but for her, not reprising the role felt “clear.”

We are excited to see Cattrall back in action in the upcoming season and eagerly await the release of the sequel for an entertaining and heartfelt storyline.

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