“Kim Cattrall’s Late Awakening: Rediscovering her Sexual Life and Making up for Lost Time”

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The Actress Opens Up About Her Sexual Life and Current Partner

The actress opened up about her sexual life and her current partner, Russell Thomas, in a recent interview. At 66 years old, Kim Cattrall spoke about experiencing the best sexual stage of her life when she turned 40. She learned to break down preconceptions about intimate life and communication with the men she met. Cattrall, who will make her return to the Sex and the City spinoff …And Just Like That, discussed her experiences with sex at different times in her life on the Tribeca Film Festival’s Modern Love podcast.

“My sexuality woke up late,” revealed the actress. She mentioned that her early 40s were a period of experimentation and fun in relationships. Cattrall advised listeners to ask for what they need on a sexual level. She emphasized the importance of expressing desires and preferences to partners who may not have knowledge or understanding.

Furthermore, Cattrall acknowledged that many women go through moments of nervousness in their intimate lives. She expressed that sexuality is not solely dependent on having children or experiencing urges, but rather on expressing oneself intimately.

Relationship with Russell Thomas and the Importance of Work

The actress discussed her relationship with Russell Thomas, whom she has been with for seven years. Cattrall met Thomas while he was working for the BBC in 2016. She described their relationship as hard work, stating that relationships require effort and should not be taken for granted. Cattrall invested a lot of time in her relationship to prevent it from stagnating. She emphasized the importance of progress, communication, and understanding each other’s needs.

“When I met this person, I knew that the job was beginning,” she said, highlighting the positive aspect of putting effort into a meaningful relationship. Cattrall described herself as a “little romantic and sensual” woman during this time.

Views on Cosmetic Surgery

Although Cattrall was previously reluctant to undergo cosmetic surgeries, her views have evolved. In a recent interview, she confessed to being more open to the idea of cosmetic surgery. Cattrall acknowledged that she is dedicated to fighting against the passage of time and mentioned various alternatives and treatments available. She emphasized the importance of finding the right surgeon and wanting to see oneself as they truly are.

Previously, Cattrall expressed her resistance to becoming obsessed with cosmetic surgery and stated that a forehead without wrinkles is not synonymous with a life fully lived. However, she now considers cosmetic surgery as a potential option to maintain her desired image for her professional career.

Kim Cattrall’s Return to the Sex and the City Spinoff

Cattrall’s return to the Sex and the City spinoff came with certain conditions, reflecting her maturity and evolving perspectives. She emphasized the importance of working on relationships and removing idealizations. Cattrall believes that couples require continuous effort to make everything work and views that as the most beautiful aspect of a lasting partnership.

Overall, Kim Cattrall’s openness about her sexual life, relationship with Russell Thomas, views on cosmetic surgery, and approach to relationships reflects her growth and willingness to embrace change as she navigates her life in her 60s.

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