Kim Kardashian advertises fast food, but does she really eat it?

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Early in their career as reality TV stars, the Kardashian sisters accepted any offer that came their way, leading them to promote everything from toilet paper to credit cards. However, those times are long gone and today they can be much more selective to, in theory, only choose products that fit their lifestyle and principles.

On Tuesday, a new ad for the vegan restaurant chain Beyond Meat starring Kim, who is famous for having her own personal chef and takes care of her diet to the fullest. In principle she does not seem the best person to become the image of a fast-food company; in fact, in the video, she appears to approach the mouth of the delicacies without meat or chewing, but at no time is she seen taking a real bite and many doubted that she would do it.

The question is: are you advertising something you’re not willing to eat? Kim has now shared several posts in her Stories to prove that she did try Beyond Meat’s tacos. Of course, the burger took away one of the bread tops to eliminate carbohydrates.

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