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Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Secret Conversation Revealed

Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Secret Conversation Revealed

The Kardashians’ latest episode features Kim Kardashian meeting Gypsy Rose Blanchard in her hotel room just three weeks after her release. They talked about her case, time behind bars, and social media.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was following The Kardashians while she was behind bars.

On the newest episode of the famous family’s Hulu show, Kim Kardashian traveled to New Orleans to meet with Gypsy Rose. This meeting occurred just three weeks after Gypsy was released from prison, where she served time for her involvement in her mother Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder.

The meeting was kept under wraps for months, with the public remaining unaware until it was previewed in the show’s latest season promo. Kim and Gypsy connected through social media after Kardashian posted about watching the 2017 documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest. Motivated by her passion for prison reform, Kim saw potential in Gypsy to be impactful, especially among youth dealing with abuse, and aimed to guide her on how best to help others.

Kim acknowledged that aiding someone involved in a violent crime could be controversial but emphasized her belief that people deserve second chances. She considered Gypsy’s entire background in her decision to meet and help her.

Upon meeting in Gypsy’s hotel room, the two shared a hug. Gypsy complimented Kim’s coat, and Kim asked about Gypsy’s first meal after her release. Gypsy revealed that she had steak for the first time and enjoyed it.

Kim reassured Gypsy that her interest wasn’t sparked by the recent media attention. She had been following Gypsy’s story for a while and felt that Gypsy could make a significant impact by sharing her experiences. Gypsy appreciated Kim’s willingness to discuss such a controversial topic, noting that many people avoid her due to her past.

Gypsy shared insights into her troubled relationship with her mother, explaining how Dee Dee isolated her from her father by impersonating her on Facebook. Gypsy expressed regret, believing that her mother should have been imprisoned instead of being killed.

The conversation turned emotional when Kim asked if Gypsy missed her mother. Gypsy admitted it was complicated, as she honored her mother while in prison by listening to her favorite songs, although the other inmates often criticized her for it.

Kim expressed belief in the potential impact of Gypsy’s story on young people in similar situations. Gypsy, determined to make her family proud, acknowledged her past mistakes and felt a mix of condemnation and support from others. She expressed the challenge of living with scrutiny, even when posting simple selfies.

Kim advised Gypsy on using social media, suggesting she sometimes ignore comments and not feel pressured to attach deep messages to every post. The way Gypsy moves forward in her life would carry the most significant message.

After her release, Gypsy is focused on ensuring prisoners receive the necessary support and tools to succeed. She expressed frustration at the lack of therapy available to her while incarcerated, a sentiment Kim echoed in her confessional remarks.

Gypsy described her re-entry into society as a whirlwind, mentioning troubles with her then-husband and leasing issues due to her criminal record. She felt the system was set up for failure and sought Kim’s advice on starting her initiative to help others.

Kim pledged her assistance, promising to introduce Gypsy to the right people. She expressed her hope that Gypsy could be a guiding voice for a younger generation and bring more therapy options into prisons.

New episodes of The Kardashians air Thursdays on Hulu.

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