Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Share Their First Photo After Signing Their Divorce Papers

After several months of litigation and problems with Kayne West, a few days ago Kim Kardashian signed the divorce and ended one of the most complicated stages of her life. It seems that it has been a liberation because  the influencer has shared several photographs for the first time with her new crush, Pete Davidson, after months of relationship in which they have preferred not to expose themselves to the spotlight. The couple comes out taking a selfie on a night out and posing while looking at each other lying on the ground. The model also shows off the silver outfits that she has combined for her date with the actor. 

Last November their romance was known and  in January they made their first romantic getaway together to the Bahamas, where they could enjoy a few moments just for two, making up for lost time . In addition, neither of them has been stopped by the distance, since the comedian resides in New York (he is originally from Staten Island, an island near Manhattan) and works in the Big Apple, while the socialite lives in the famous neighborhood of Calabasas, in Los Angeles, where their children go to school.

The first images of Kim and Pete are from the end of October when they were photographed with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Scott at an amusement park . By then, the couple had already coincided on Saturday Night Live , the comedy show in which the actor participates and to which the businesswoman was, although it is not ruled out that they could have met before, since the artist is a friend of Machine Gun Kelly (he has been shooting a movie with him) and the musician has a great friendship with the boyfriend of the older sister of the clan. 

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In addition, a few days ago Kim spoke for the first time about her romance with the artist . The businesswoman, who has finally broken her silence about their relationship, told Variety that viewers of the new reality show they are going to do will see how they met, who called who, how it all happened and the details that everyone wants to know. ” I’m definitely open to telling it and explaining it. I haven’t recorded with him. And I’m not opposed to it, it’s just that it’s not what he usually does. But there has been an event that I’ve gone to and he was there, no He has told the cameras to get away , “he told the aforementioned medium, making it clear that no one had any illusions about the possible participation of his boyfriend.

The one who will appear in the first episodes of the new family reality show is Kayne West, since she recorded some scenes before their relationship ended. “Being in the public eye and having conflicts is not easy, but I do believe that everything has to be handled in private. I would never criticize the father of my children on the show, that’s not what I do, and I don’t think that would make me feel good. I’m always very respectful of what the children will see . And the reality is that we will always be a family. And even if there are moments when it doesn’t seem like it, there are many little moments that are super-positive . I think it’s important that people see that things are not perfect all the time, but that they can improve, “said the influencer about the singer.

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