Kim Kardashian Banned From Buying Specific Ferrari Models


And Kim Kardashian as usual is back in the eye of the hurricane. A few weeks ago.

During the event and criticism because the dress did not fit and could be damaged, the International Council of Museums prohibited lending garments with historical value to celebrities.

Designer Jean Louis’ dress¬†originally belonged to Marylin Monroe and Kim borrowed it from the Ripley Museum in Florida.

Ferrari followed the example of museums

Well, the Ferrari company was not far behind and decided to veto Kim Kardashian; that is to say that he will not allow him to buy some cars of the brand, including the most exclusive ones, ELLE magazine reviewed.

The announcement was made by a Ferrari spokesperson to the Spanish newspaper Marca, clarifying that no customer is explicitly forbidden per se, as the star can still buy standard models.

“Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions,” the spokesman said.

Ferrari’s Blacklist

According to a report by the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, it indicated that Kim was the latest celebrity to be added to Ferrari’s blacklist.

The celebrities who head this “black list” are accused of “not taking care of their Ferraris” because they make custom modifications.

The list is long, among them are 50 Cent and Nicolas Cage who are rumored to be banned from owning their cars.

Justin Bieber has also been banned by Ferrari since 2015 after West Coast Customs altered the color of a white 451, which he then auctioned.

However, the real reason why Ferrari made the decision to veto Kim Kardashian, who has owned two cars of the brand, a model in 2012 that is not known if it was hers or Kanye West, is not known.

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The second was bought by a Malaysian businessman as a gift for his short-term marriage to Kris Humphries in 2011.

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