Kim Kardashian is ‘stronger than 97%’ of people

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In the continuous search to live better and more freshly, the star of the realities, Kim Kardashian, has undergone a complete body study to know the details of her state of health.

As a result, the entrepreneur founder of the SKIMS brand found that her fat index has decreased in the last year and that she now has an “athlete category”.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, the star said: “A year ago my body fat percentage was 25% and now it is 18.8%. That’s the athlete category, did you hear it? Did you hear that? My bones are stronger than 93 – 97% of people.”

To demonstrate her new figure, the entrepreneur posted a photo of her toned belly looking raw after receiving a “painful” laser treatment that tightened the skin on her abdomen.

The innovative treatment responds to the name of ‘Morpheus’ and although it is usually more painful than she would like, it also makes her feel very proud of her appearance.

Its application has left you with that whole area of the body reddened, but in any case, this tool has become your “favorite” due to the amazing results it gives you. “I think this is my favorite laser. It’s painful, but it’s worth it,” the star said.

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has made clear her willingness to have to go through a real ordeal to look healthy and young at 41 years old. A few weeks ago he revealed during an interview with The New York Times that “if you told me that I have, literally, to eat feces every day to be younger, I would.”

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