Kim Kardashian Joins Season 12 of ‘American Horror Story’ Cast

Kim Kardashian to Star in American Horror Story Season 12 Opposite Emma Roberts

It’s official: Kim Kardashian is trading her reality TV roots for a lead role in American Horror Story season 12. The celebrity made the announcement through a teaser in which the names of Emma Roberts and Kardashian and the title Delicate, season 12, appear. In the clip, the silhouette of a woman is shown, leaving fans wondering whether it’s Emma or Kim.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, season 12 will be based on Danielle Valentine’s novel, called Delicate Condition. The co-creator of the American Horror Story universe, Ryan Murphy, said that a character was created exclusively for Kim. Murphy added that Kardashian’s character is “funny, elegant and, ultimately, terrifying, especially for Kim,” promising a completely ambitious and historic project for the series.

Fans of the show expressed their excitement to see Kim Kardashian on one of the most iconic long-running TV shows in recent years. Nevertheless, the announcement also sparked skepticism among some fans. However, Kardashian has had acting credits in a few projects, including American Dad, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, and Drop Dead Diva, proving she has what it takes to bring her character to life.

Overall, fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of American Horror Story and cannot wait to see what Kim Kardashian brings to the table.

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