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Kim Kardashian Spotted at Milwaukee’s Summerfest

Did you hear Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West were spotted at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently? Now the big question is; why were they there?

Summerfest festivalgoers did a double take (or triple, let’s be honest) when none other than Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West were spotted rocking out at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Don’t get me wrong, Summerfest is an awesome festival that always books amazing entertainment, but am I the only one that thinks Wisconsin is a pretty weird place for Kim Kardashian to visit? Cheese and beer just don’t really seem like her thing, (yes, I know that is a completely judgmental thing to say, but I must speak my truth).

Kardashian’s crew was there to see R&B singer SZA, but it sounds like they took in all the fun that Summerfest has to offer while they were there.

One blog website said:

Their day began with exploring the various stages and performances scattered throughout the festival grounds.

They sampled a variety of dishes, from savory street tacos to decadent desserts, savoring each bite while taking in the sights and sounds around them.

Of course fans were completely surprised and buzzing online, with some wondering what brought Kim to Milwaukee in the first place. Was it just a love for SZA’s music, a secret business venture, or maybe a fun mom-daughter getaway? Whatever the reason, it definitely spiced things up at Summerfest, who by the way, never said a word about Kardashian being there. Maybe they didn’t know beforehand either? Either way, well played, Summerfest…it sure was a nice surprise for Kardashian fans.

Source: Newsbreak