Kinect was one of the greatest contributions to the video game, according to Phil Spencer

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Kinect, that cutting-edge device published for Xbox 360 in 2010 with the ability to adapt motion control Y speech recognition through a camera, it was an absolute success at the time. Their more than 35 million units sold You endorse a commercial milestone that, while fleeting and now forgotten, was Xbox’s proper name for a few years. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, believes that it is one of the company’s greatest contributions to the video game industry.

“It really opened our eyes to what Xbox could be”

In an interview with Edge, Spencer believes that the Kinect sparked a total interest in accessibility; Aspects that we now see materialized with peripherals such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which opens the doors to players with reduced mobility or any type of physical disability. This technological product, celebrated and recognized for its contribution to the environment, belongs to the journey started by Kinect a decade earlier.

“Before that, it wasn’t like they were all M-rated games,” he comments on Microsoft’s productions in the e-entertainment industry (via VGC), “But when we started doing things like Kinect Sports and things from other developers [desde Happy Action Theatre a otros juegos de baile], it really opened our eyes to what Xbox could become”, Sentence.

Phil Spencer credits Kinect with serving as Catalyst for Xbox’s Future in Accessibility. They wanted everyone to be able to play, not necessarily with a controller in hand, but with actions adaptable to the physical circumstances of each person. He even acknowledges having received emails from parents explaining that their children could not play video games until Kinect arrived at their homes.

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The future of Xbox is gaming anywhere: Xbox Game Pass

“I take a look at the accessibility work we’ve done, whether it’s the Adaptive Controller or our software work, and I think a direct line can be drawn to Kinect”. With everything, “That’s a journey we’re still on”, termina Spencer.

The arrival of Xbox One to the market at the end of 2013 was the last attempt by Microsoft to keep the device afloat, but the initial obligation of its purchase and the lack of incentives to integrate into the routines of regular gamers resulted in its discontinuation. definitive Kinect, despite the fact that there were Xbox packs without the peripheral. So much so that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are not compatible with this device.

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