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King Charles Shares 'Unsettling' Cancer Update Amid Rumors

King Charles Shares ‘Unsettling’ Cancer Update Amid Rumors

The latest cancer update from King Charles and the Royal Family affects his day-to-day.

Rumors persist that King Charles’ cancer diagnosis is allegedly far more severe than has publicly been shared. Past reports claim the sitting monarch reportedly has been given two years to live, according to InTouch. A later story indicates that the king’s condition is “eating him alive.” In response to these reports, the palace released a statement to counter, but a recent update continues to leave some unsettled.

Back in May, the 75-year-old revealed he had lost his sense of taste while speaking with British Army veteran Aaron Mapplebeck. The king was visiting the Army Flying Museum in Hampshire and found some common ground with the Army vet.

“Mr Mapplebeck said he underwent chemotherapy last year for testicular cancer and lost his sense of taste – to which the King revealed this had also happened to him,” The Daily Mail reports. Buckingham Palace hasn’t confirmed any details about King Charles’ treatment plan, only confirming that things are progressing. The type of cancer King Charles is facing has not been revealed either.

Previous reports have painted a grave situation for the monarch. “He’s very frail. The situation is desperate. William is totally distracted by his wife Kate’s physical and emotional issues and the problems in their marriage. He also can’t seem to control his fury over Harry and Meghan,” a source alleged to InTouch Weekly. Rumors about Prince William’s marriage stem from speculation prior to Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, which was revealed shortly after the king’s own diagnosis.

Despite the reports, King Charles is still trying to keep to his duties as monarch. Most recently, he gave a stirring speech to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion in June, but had to miss an event with President Joe Biden at Omaha Beach in Normandy. And on July 6, King Charles took part in the celebration in Edinburgh to mark the 900th anniversary of the city’s founding.

According to InTouch, King Charles’ diagnosis has been an “open secret” among those who work in Buckingham Palace. “Many courtiers believe Charles’ cancer is worse than they’re making it out to be,” the source tells Intouch. “Even before the diagnosis, there were concerns about his health.”

Buckingham Palace confirmed Charles’ diagnosis in February, scheduling regular treatments and postponing his public duties until further notice. “Throughout this period, His Majesty will continue to undertake State business and official paperwork as usual.”

Source: InTouch, The Daily Mail