“King Charles snubs Princess Diana’s brother on coronation guest list”

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The King has left Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, off the coronation guest list, according to reports from The Independent. This decision has come as a shock to close members of the Earl’s family, who were expecting him to be invited. It was believed that his historic speech at his sister’s funeral, where he promised to care for his children, would have secured him a place in the innermost royal circle.

The decision has reopened the tension between Diana and Camilla’s camps, who were at odds during the breakup of their marriage, with Camilla being seen as the rival for Charles’ love. The snub has caused frustration among Diana’s family, who feel that Earl Spencer could have declined the invitation for historical reasons rather than being outright rejected.

The decision not to invite many of the aristocratic old guard, especially half of the 24 dukes who were key parts of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, has also caused controversy. The guest list includes celebrities such as Ant and Dec, Nick Cave, and Dynamo.

The exclusion of Earl Spencer is a sign of the new shift in power in the royal family, as Charles’ court and Camilla make their mark and set a new agenda regarding who retains their favor. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex was invited to attend the coronation but declined and remains in California with her family.

Despite the snub, Earl Spencer has kept his word to support William and Harry as he promised at his mother’s funeral in 1997. He was with the princes when they unveiled a statue of their mother at Kensington Palace in July 2021.

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The guest list for the coronation has been controversial, with concerns raised that it is too narrow and some historical titles being left out. However, the royal family is holding last-minute rehearsals for Saturday’s ceremony, with the king seen at the abbey with his grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Lord Spencer has not responded to requests for comment from The Independent, leaving the family and the public to wonder about the reason for the snub.

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