King Emeritus Juan Carlos will attend the funeral of Isabel II

Spain’s King Emeritus Juan Carlos will pause his self-exile in Abu Dhabi to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Juan Carlos and his wife have communicated their intention to accept the invitation of the British Foreign Office to attend the funeral on September 19, the Spanish Royal House reported on Monday.

Juan Carlos left Spain in August 2020 after prosecutors began investigating fraud allegations in Spain and Switzerland.

The investigations were later withdrawn due to lack of evidence and due to prescription. Juan Carlos has declined to comment on the various allegations of wrongdoing.

Juan Carlos could also face trial in the UK in a harassment case brought against him by his former lover, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. He has strongly denied the allegations.

Juan Carlos’ popularity has plummeted after a series of scandals. He abdicated in 2014 and now maintains his permanent residence in the Persian Gulf State.

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