“King Felipe Recalls Proclamation Day with Abdalá and Rania of Jordan: Emotions and Memories Unfold”

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Don Felipe’s Historic Proclamation as King of Spain

On a day like today, nine years ago, Don Felipe, dressed in the uniform of the Land Army, the Captain General’s sash, the Golden Fleece, the Grand Cross of the Collar of the Order of Carlos III and the Grand Crosses of Military, Naval and Aeronautical Merit, lived a historic day: that of his proclamation as King of Spain.

A day that culminated with his greeting from the balcony of the Royal Palace wrapped by his wife, Doña Letizia, his daughters and his parents, the kings Juan Carlos and Sofía.

A Meaningful Visit by Abdalá and Rania of Jordan

This Monday, the agenda has wanted him to be again in the same Royal Palace, accompanied this time by Abdalá and Rania from Jordan. At the lunch offered in his honor, he could not help but remember that day with emotion: “The fact of being precisely today in this Royal Palace makes the memories and emotions of then even more present.”

“Your presence here today is a sample of the excellent and historic relations between our countries, between our Monarchies, also on a personal level. We are also doing it in a very emotional date, of great significance, for me and also for the Queen: On a day like today, June 19, 2014, I took the oath provided for in our Constitution upon being proclaimed king before the Cortes Generales”, the King said in his welcome speech to his guests, who have traveled together with his son, Prince Hashem.

A Sense of Duty and Responsibility

“Throughout these 9 years, I have carried out my responsibilities with a sense of duty and respect institutional; with loyalty to the citizens -honoring my commitments with the Spaniards- and to the constitutional values ​​and principles; always with a desire to serve Spain, of which the Crown is a symbol of its unity and permanence”, assured Don Felipe recalling his oath of that June 19, 2014.

“I also shared with all Spaniards my convictions, my feelings and my will, which I maintain with the same solidity and illusion of that first day. And they will continue to guide me towards the future, because its sense and significance have not changed over time, but are reinforced, guiding my actions as Constitutional King”.

Maintaining Strong Relationships and Cooperation

In addition to lunch at the Royal Palace, Felipe VI met with King Abdalá and his son Hashem -who has taken a giant step forward in institutional presence with his active role in this official visit – both in the palace in Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente and in Moncloa with the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

In the evening, the two monarchs will preside over a dinner at the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos in Córdoba that is part of the Aqaba Process, an initiative of the Hashemite king to strengthen military and security cooperation, coordination and the exchange of experience between regional and international partners to combat terrorism.

A Busy Week for the King

El Rey has started the week with a full agenda, not only with commitments related to the visit of his Jordanian counterpart, with whom he has an excellent relationship, but also has had appointments in sports key. This morning he received the players of the Spanish soccer team at the Palacio de la Zarzuela after yesterday they won the Nations League trophy in Rotterdam (Netherlands) by beating Croatia on penalties.

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