King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia Reunite at Granddaughter’s Graduation: A Heartwarming Return to the Hotel

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Irene’s Graduation Brings Family Together in Geneva

Irene, the youngest daughter of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, celebrated her graduation this Friday, which has served to bring her family together almost entirely in Geneva (Switzerland), the city where she lives with her mother.

Her parents, her grandparents, the Kings Juan Carlos and Sofía, her three brothers Juan, Pablo and Miguel: her aunt, the Infanta Elena; her cousins Felipe and Victoria de Marichalar; and her paternal grandmother, Claire Liebaert. None of them wanted to miss the end of their high school studies at the International School, known as Ecolint.

The Reunion at the Four Seasons Des Bergues

At the end of the ceremony, which marks Irene’s farewell to those who have been her companions over the years, they have returned to the hotel. The first to arrive have been don Juan Carlos and doña Sofía, and shortly after Felipe and Victoria de Marichalar have agreed. This is the Four Seasons Des Bergues, an exclusive establishment that stands out for being the first to exist in Geneva and has views of the historic center of the city and the Alps, as well as having a Michelin-starred restaurant inside. The whole family, both the Bourbons and the Urdangarins, had left this same location hours before to go to the celebration.

The Long-Awaited Reunions

Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, who met at the beginning of the month in Amman, during the wedding of Hussein and Rajwa from Jordan, have been seen again in public with Urdangarin for the first time after in January In 2022, the images of the former handball player with Ainhoa ​​Armentia will be published, some photos that precipitated his marriage breakup with the Infanta Cristina. Their last meeting (at least public) took place at the beginning of 2018, when they celebrated their 50th birthday precisely in Geneva from Iñaki. Months later, in November, the Bourbons celebrated the Queen’s 80th birthday at the Palacio de La Zarzuela, but her son-in-law was not at this event since he had already been in Brieva prison for five months, serving his five-year and ten-year sentence. months in prison for the Nóos case. On the other hand, it is the third time, on record, that Cristina de Borbón and Urdangarin have seen each other since they announced the irruption of their marriage. In September 2022 they met in Jaca, at the funeral of the former director and manager of the Candanchú ski resort, Eduardo Roldán. The Infanta Elena was also present at that farewell. Only a month earlier they spent a few days in Bidart together, with their children, as shown by HELLO! The graduation of the youngest of their four children may be the last time we see them before their divorce becomes effective, which could take place imminently. The final point and end to their 24-year union has been delayed because they have preferred to wait until Irene was of legal age.

The Graduation Ceremony

At 3:30 p.m., the ceremony itself took place on the campuses of La Châtaigneraie and the Campus des Nations of the college in the open air. For days now, the Ecolint teachers, as well as the administrative and service staff, have worked hard to make the event unforgettable on one of their last days at the school, which has students of almost a hundred nationalities who speak more than sixty languages. different maternal mothers, something that can be seen in the flags that have been placed in the act. After the corresponding speeches by the academic authorities, it was her turn to the representative of the graduates. One by one, the students have paraded through the platform where they have collected their certification. In total, the graduation lasted two and a half hours and was followed by a cocktail so that the students could chat with their families and the relatives of their classmates. The party will continue tonight and tomorrow, as reported in Fresh It’s already noon. On Saturday there will be a farewell dinner whose price per cover amounts to 250 euros. Irene Urdangarin has been able to experience this very special moment with a large part of her family. In addition, her graduation has served as a triple celebration since her 18th birthday is also celebrated, which took place on June 5, and the 58 years of her mother, who turned them this Tuesday.

The Preparations and Previous Hours

Hours before the graduation ceremony took place, Irene’s brothers and the Infanta Cristina were seen entering the Four Season Des Bergues hotel. Next, Claire Liebaert was seen, who despite her delicate state of health, and Victoria de Marichalar, who already announced a day before that she would travel to Switzerland to be by her cousin’s side. Lastly, through the door of the hotel establishment Irene and her father entered. Already in the afternoon and towards the graduation of the protagonist of the day, Don Juan Carlos and the Infanta Elena left the hotel at the same time.

Before this Swiss appointment, The four children of the Infanta were with their mother on a getaway in Córdoba, where Don Felipe’s sister went by surprise with her eldest son Juan and the youngest to one of the most emblematic places in the Andalusian city, the San Miguel tavern, known such as Casa Pisto, where they shared a snack dinner with typical dishes such as rabo de toro or bravas. The next day, the five of them went to the Hermitage of La Candelaria, to taste Cordoba cuisine again, and toured the city.

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