Kingdom Hearts will have an event to celebrate its 20th anniversary; trailer and first details

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Square Enix wants to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts saga in style. After knowing that Sora will be the eleventh and last DLC character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and that all deliveries of the series will arrive on Nintendo Switch through the cloud, the Japanese company also reveals a commemorative event on the occasion of those 20 years of license history, of which we will know new details soon. You can see his presentation video at the beginning of this news.

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Square Enix’s plans for Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary

For now, Square Enix confirms that this Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event will feature its corresponding doses of merchandising. On the other hand, they confirm that those who want to rediscover or know for the first time the complete history of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], the mobile game, will now be able to do it offline from the application’s theater mode. This winter the final chapter of the story of Kingdom Hearts Uχ Dark Road, which already exceeds 10 million downloads.

There is already a new Kingdom Hearts in development planned for 2022

It was last September 2020 when the news broke: there is a new Kingdom Hearts in development. Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Square Enix series, confirmed in the latest issue of the magazine Famitsu that they were already immersed in the next iteration of the license; although no details were revealed beyond what was scheduled for the twentieth anniversary, in 2022. “The Kingdom Hearts team has already started with something new,” he said, anticipating that “a surprise” awaits us.

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After the more than 5 million units sold From Kingdom Hearts 3, the saga is experiencing one of its best moments on a commercial level, since Square Enix is ​​exploiting the license beyond video games for consoles.

If you’re interested in immersing yourself in the series, we recommend taking a look at Kingdom Hearts All In One Package, which includes every installment in the series with the exception of the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC.

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