Kit Harington and his character’s future in the MCU after Eternals

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Kit Harington be part of the movie Eternals, directed by the award-winning Chloe Zhao, giving life to Dane Whitman, better known as Black Knight. However, the indications indicate that in this first film the character will not assume the role of his alter ego. What can happen is that Whitman is part of a love triangle with Sersi e Ikaris. We know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to expand and mix properties. What will happen to Harington?

As in graphic novels, Dane maintains a special connection to the character of Sersi, but the talented actor refuses to talk about “love triangle”. Harington stated: “I think some things have been said about this in the press. I wouldn’t say that many of them are accurate. But he has a connection to Sersi, as does Richard’s character.” Will Zhao explore that dynamic between the three heroes?

Kit Harington and his future in the MCU

We know that this entry from Marvel Cinematic Universe will present the most powerful heroes: the Eternals. In that sense, Harington expressed about Dane, his character: “He is the human in the story. He is not an Eternal. He is a character who works at the Natural History Museum in London. But he is not an Eternal, that’s the main!. This does not mean that Dane will not transcend in the MCU.

“I have no idea if my character is still or not. I have read about who it could be. So there is the possibility of a longer trajectory. And hopefully, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for my character.”, The interpreter slipped on his probable continuity within this universe of superheroes that had so much success over the years.

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“I’m as in the dark as anyone on the subject. I try not to live too long in the future with things. Even when I was on Game of Thrones in season six, I was presuming that season seven wasn’t going to happen!“Harington said with some reassurance regarding the future of Dane Whitman. The truth is that Chloe Zhao promised important ramifications regarding Eternals and the rest of the MCU. Will Harington be included?

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