“Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Welcome the Arrival of Their Second Daughter!”

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie confirm the birth of their second daughter

Although the years go by, the stars of Game of Thrones (59%) have a special place in the hearts of fans, especially the protagonists. Although the series ended in 2019, many of its actors remain relevant in the entertainment industry, surprising with new projects and gaining relevance through incredible characters on the big and small screen.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who played Jon Snow and Ygritte respectively, today shocked the global media with the announcement of the birth of their second child, a girl, filling tabloids around the world and thrilling fans of the series, who are delighted that the romance has made it to the screen.

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Harington and Leslie met on the set of Game of Thrones in 2012. Playing the bastard of Winterfell and the wild woman beyond the Wall, their fictional relationship turned into a love story that captured the attention of viewers. Outside of the series, the romance transcended and they began dating in real life. After keeping their relationship private for some time, they publicly confirmed their courtship in 2016 and have been a beloved couple by fans ever since. They married in an intimate ceremony in Scotland in June 2018, surrounded by friends and co-stars, thus sealing the story that emerged from the lands of Westeros.

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In 2021, Kit and Rose welcomed their first child; Now, this July 2023, they are both receiving a girl, as confirmed by People magazine, assuring that “the family is delighted with the arrival of the little girl.” Like many other recent parents, Leslie and Harington have spoken about climate change, an issue that will ultimately have major consequences for the young generations of today and tomorrow. This is what the actor had to say to Entertainment Tonight in March while promoting Extrapolations (55%):

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I see it in some ways as if the generation of our parents did not notice. We are becoming very conscious. And it would be our duty, and the duty of my children, to see to it. It will be the great challenge of her generation, but it is still the challenge of ours as well.

After the end of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington experienced a depression that surprised everyone and made headlines. Playing Jon Snow for almost a decade and being part of such a successful and globally acclaimed series can create a strong emotional connection to the character and the universe of the series. The series finale marked the end of a significant stage in her professional and personal life, which could have generated feelings of loss and nostalgia. Additionally, the intense level of pressure and expectations surrounding Game of Thrones and its massive cultural impact shaped a considerable emotional and mental toll on Harington. The transition into a new phase of her career could have been challenging as well, since she hasn’t had much of a leading role since then compared to Jon Snow. These combined factors may have contributed to her subsequent hospitalization at the end of the series.

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Many do not lose faith in Jon Snow’s return. The end of the character was somewhat anticlimactic and the promise of a spin-off remains on the table. News of a sequel series for the character was made public last year, however, there is still no full certainty that he will arrive at some point in the future. Game of Thrones fans are still quite hurt with the conclusion of the eighth season, something that The House of the Dragon (91%) is taking care of lulling with the powerful history of the Targaryen family many years before the birth of Daenerys and Jon.

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