Kite Day: why it is celebrated on January 14

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Every January 14th the International Kite Day is commemorated.. It is an object that usually transports people to their childhood, when many individuals waited for a windy day to go out to climb it with someone from the family or also with friends.

Why is International Kite Day celebrated?

This event has an important precedent in India, where many people await the arrival of every February 14 to dust off the flying artifact or create a new and very colorful one to show it to the world.

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Many years ago the Indian people, more precisely people from the state of Gujarat, celebrated the Festival Uttarayan or also known from kites. As for this date, in that area winter begins to say goodbye, the ideal time to fly these classic toys begins and thus continue with the tradition of waking up the Gods after several weeks of intense cold.

It is characteristic to prepare the kites with time so that they are the most striking in the sky like this, so it is usual to observe the streets of India with various colors and images abstract or figurative, with relief or flat. This celebration takes place throughout the territory of that nation, in fact it is one of the largest kite exhibitions in the world, for which it is recognized worldwide.

In any case, it was not always a popular festival but In the beginning, only those who were members of the nobility or those who were part of a family with a high purchasing power could participate., that is to say that only some people could enjoy this day. Over the years, everyone was able to be part of the popular celebration and even people who live in neighboring countries cross to India to appreciate the show and fly their own kite. Inclusive, the same Indians prepare more so that tourists do not miss the experience of flying theirs.

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In Argentina this can be a difficult task, since at this time it is summer, so hot days abound and there are some that are hardly windy. In any case, it is never too late to take advantage of a windy day and thus be able to fly one of these flying objects.

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