Klopp compares the welfare of the players with climate change and calls for action

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has compared player welfare to climate change as it is a problem everyone is aware of but no one is prepared to deal with, and has asked football governing bodies to take action before it is too late.

Klopp expressed anger that this year’s World Cup is adding to the players’ already hectic schedule, as the tournament ends five months before the domestic season concludes in May.

The Premier League season will be paused from November 12 until Boxing Day to adjust the schedule for the World Cup in Qatar from November 21 to December 18.

“If you get to a World Cup final and win or lose it or a match for third place you’re already pretty busy and then a week later the rest starts,” Klopp told reporters on Friday before Liverpool’s Premier League debut. in the field of Fulham.

“If all the players have a break then it’s not a problem, it’s good. It’s like a winter break that I had many times in Germany as a player, four weeks (of rest), things like that.”

“When I start talking about it, I get very angry (…) It’s like with the weather. We all know that it has to change, but nobody says what we have to do,” he added.

Klopp added that authorities such as FIFA, the Premier League and the English Football Association must put aside their own interests and find a way to ease the burden on players.

“There should be a meeting where everyone talks to each other and the only topic should be the most important part of this game: the players,” he said. “This World Cup is happening at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.”

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