Knockout City extends its promotion: play for free up to level 25

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Knockout City extends its promotion: play for free up to level 25

Knockout City offers a new opportunity for the community to immerse themselves in this virtual dodgeball. Velan Studios allows you to play completely free until you reach level 25. After the passage of the private party, the title published by Electronic Arts continues to look for alternatives for players to continue testing the competitive one.

Knockout City, the “funniest and most unbridled dodgeball”

With these words we opened our final impressions of Knockout City. The project, which is part of the EA Originals label, is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Given the variety of platforms, cross-play functions remain enabled.

“The truth is that Knockout City is one of those titles that are easy to understand, but difficult to master. Skill, reflexes and the ability to move around the stage are essential allies for beat the rival”, We said. But not everything rests on individuality: actively collaborating with your colleagues is an essential part of the experience.

Performance wise, all versions run at 60 images per second (Nintendo Switch offers an option that prioritizes framerate over resolution.) What varies is the resolution at which it is displayed. All the details can be found by clicking here.

“We don’t know if Knockout City will be a success or a failure, if it will be something to talk about or if it will be left in borage. What we do know is that we are facing a hilarious title, very casual and hooligan in its aesthetics, but with a competitive component that requires being attentive to everything that happens around the player ”, we concluded. The future naturally depends on the strength it receives from the players.

EA Originals has supported the creation of some fresh proposals within the multiplayer arena. Last year we saw the arrival of Rocket Arena, the first work of Final Strike Games.

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