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Knowing Bros Member Min Kyung Hoon Shares Relationship Update
Min Kyung Hoon in Sweet Dreams MV (Photo Credit: SM Entertainment| SMTOWN)

Knowing Bros member and Buzz icon Min Kyung Hoon has announced a significant relationship update with fans. The star personally shared the news on his Instagram, letting fans know of his marriage.

Min Kyung Hoon gained fame by entering the Korean rock band Buzz as the lead vocalist in 2003. Four years later, he made his solo debut with the extended play Im·pres·sive. While K-pop has gained popularity in Korea and internationally in the last decade, the country’s rock genre has enjoyed a niche fandom for a long time.

After his success with Buzz, Kyung Hoon also paired up with Super Junior star Kim Hee Chul to make the duo Universe Cowards. As part of the duo band, they released three songs, including “Sweet Dream,” “Falling Blossoms,” and “Hanryang.”

Min Kyung Hoon announced the start of the next chapter of his life on Instagram. The 39-year-old star will hold a marriage ceremony in November for his friends and family.

The Secret Man and Woman host shared the news with a touching caption for fans, writing, “I have met someone special with whom I want to build a family and share the simple joys of daily life, and we have decided to be each other’s sanctuary. We promise to support and love each other and live happily together. I hope you will watch over us warmly and bless our new journey.”

It is almost two decades of the Knowing Bros’ member’s entertainment career, and he also thanked fans for supporting him. “The Time is Now” crooner noted, “It’s hard to believe that over 20 years have passed since I debuted at 20. I feel I have grown a lot thanks to all of you who have always supported me despite my shortcomings. I am always grateful to you.”

Min Kyung Hoon’s agency INNEXTTREND added more context to his marriage news, saying, “It is true that Min Kyung Hoon is holding a marriage ceremony. The detailed [wedding] schedule is still being decided. We ask for your warm congratulations as Min Kyung Hoon embarks on a new chapter with his bride-to-be.”

Reports do not mention the identity of Min Kyung Hoon’s would-be wife, as it is assumed that she is a non-celebrity. So, the agency or the singer will not reveal any details about his significant other for privacy concerns.