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Kody Brown's Nephew Condemns Disrespectful Treatment of Christine

Kody Brown’s Nephew Condemns Disrespectful Treatment of Christine

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s nephew, Ben Brown, is calling out what he sees as disgusting disrespect aimed at Christine Brown Woolley. Christine, Kody’s former third wife, was the first to leave the plural family, and Ben felt compelled to speak out against his own family over the situation. Let’s dive into the details.

Ben has never been one to hold back his opinions, especially when it concerns his uncle Kody. Despite the family tensions, he remains close to his aunts even after they have left Kody. Fans of Sister Wives have witnessed Kody’s ongoing disrespect towards his wives and children over the seasons. Christine, feeling her limit reached, eventually decided to pack his things and move from Flagstaff to Utah, where she has since found happiness and love.

Christine Brown-Instagram
Christine Brown Woolley-Instagram

Christine wasn’t the only wife to leave. Meri Brown, despite being repeatedly told there was no love left, was the last to go, with Janelle Brown also leaving after Christine. Recently, a video surfaced featuring Ben Brown responding to episodes of Sister Wives. He discussed season 1, episode 4, pointing out some stark observations. As shared on a Reddit thread, Ben criticized Kody for abandoning Christine during her childbirth.

Ben was appalled that there were multiple adults in the house, yet Christine was left alone after proclaiming they were a united family. If Kody couldn’t be present, someone else should have stepped up. This was Christine’s first hospital birth, understandably a daunting situation. To make matters worse, Kody was off with Robyn, who wasn’t even his wife at the time—a move Christine certainly didn’t appreciate. Despite his promises not to engage in such behavior, Kody did it anyway.

Fans also weighed in on the situation after seeing Ben’s video. Many agreed with his assessment and shared their perspectives:

  • “To walk away from Christine who was delivering her 6th child? Insane. That can happen so fast.”
  • “You are the only one who has really called out Truely’s birth. It breaks my heart that her birth was filmed and aired.”
  • “That episode broke my heart for Christine. I just wanted to give her a hug.”
  • “Yeah, Christine being alone isn’t all that shocking, especially now that we have the whole scope of the show.”
  • “But Cody knew the rules. He chose not to follow them and disrespect Christine.”

Ultimately, even before Kody officially married Robyn, it was evident that the relationships within the family were strained. Ben’s recent comments shed light on these long-standing issues. Do you agree with Ben’s perspective? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Tv Shows Ace, Reddit