Kojima confirms Death Stranding Director’s Cut at Summer Game Fest 2021 with Metal Gear trailer

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Kojima confirms Death Stranding Director's Cut at Summer Game Fest 2021 with Metal Gear trailer

Hideo Kojima has finally appeared at the Summer Game Fest 2021, granting a short interview to its director and scoring a “one more thing” To present Deaht Stranding Director’s Cut.

In the trailer you can see how Sam goes into one of the bases we visited in the original game, being able, now, to go down and visit the interior. In it, Kojima plays at self-referencing until the last consequences and presents us with what it seems it’s going to be a gameplay twist towards the Metal Gear Solid saga.

In this sense, the video makes it clear that we must infiltrate them and, in turn, emphasizes classic elements from the Snake saga, like the ventilation ducts or the classic box.

At the moment we do not have more information, so the launch date is unknown as well as the platforms on which it will take place, but the Sony logo has presided over the trailer, so there is the possibility of some type of temporary exclusive for PS5 and PlayStation 4.

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