Kojima handed out flyers at a store promoting the first Metal Gear

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Hideo Kojima-style battles. Those are the stories that the Japanese creative has shared through his official Twitter account, which he mainly uses to promote your projects and to show his followers the movies, series and books he consumes. On this occasion, the father of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding has set his sights on a bygone era, the late eighties. Before fame caught up with him, the popular designer even handed out leaflets to help promote Metal Gear, the MSX title.

It was in a local store where he began to distribute the brochures, as he has reported on social networks. “In the summer of my 23 years, my first game [Metal Gear] was released. Since it didn’t make it to the NES, there was no TV commercial. It was also not sold in the toy section, which was very busy in those days. Being from MSX, it was placed in the PC software section of electronics stores ”, he recalls.

Both MSX and MSX2 were computers running Microsoft DOS. Back in 1988, there were still a few months left until the Nintendo machine version was released, so Kojima had to do everything he could to make the game sold enough. “I went to the store every day, I brought brochures and distributed them to the people around me. I also took three copies of the software with me. “

Another similar anecdote

Two years later, history repeated practically the same patterns. Then, the Japanese creative had already turned 25, at which time he also launched a new work, Snatcher. On that occasion he did not distribute brochures, but dared to turn up the volume on the monitor in which he was showing a demo of his video game.

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The most recent project directed by Hideo Kojima is Death Stranding, which was marketed on both PS4 and PC. Kojima Productions is now preparing the Director’s Cut, which will be released exclusively for PS5. In addition to new story missions, it will introduce graphical and performance improvements, new modes, and much more. When does it come out? September 24.

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